You Can Never Have Too Many Lumens

24 10 2008

I used to hate night riding. The dark, the cold, the 75% reduction in my skill level (bringing me down to about 1.5 skills). I had so many bad night rides, I just gave up on night riding altogether. Then I got an expensive massage. The massage itself was the usual rate, but Nolan told me about how awesome his new very bright, relatively light LED lights were and I managed to convince myself that I just needed to spend a little money to make night riding fun again. I was half right. Night riding is fun again, but  I spent more than a little money. Between the two of us, the only reasonable light we had was an HID bar mount.  So I ended up buying two more helmet mounts and another bar mount (MiNewts and a TriNewt). Hey, someone has to stimulate this economy!

It was totally worth it though. Now that I have the wattage to sear retinas at hundred feet, I can’t wait to ride in the dark. On our first night ride, I had an unremarkable crash at low speed and somehow managed to take the impact on the end of the middle finger on my left hand, cracking it at the middle knuckle. But I went back out as soon as I could ride again (8 days later – on the 5X5 fully with lots of compression tape and no gloves) and I’m still into it.

We had a great ride last night, starting out in Arlington, then working out to the Beddy trails and back. It was 42F when we started and 34F when we finished. When we came out of the Beddy powerline, eveyone’s breath made a big  lit-up steam clouds, and when we passed through the grassy field on the way back – all the grass was already covered in frost and the individual blades refelcted the lights. It was so pretty and erie I almost forget I was freezing to death.  I brought my camera last night, but it was hard to use when I couldn’t feel my fingers and I was afraid I’d turn into a crispy lycra popsicle if I stopped too long. I’ll dress smarter next week (note to self: bring a jacket, wear winter gloves) and try to get some shots.




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8 01 2009

Man I love night riding but you are right quality lights make all the difference. LEDs are quickly becoming the cat’s meow. I just made the full on LED jump myself. I hope all is well up north, the weather is off and on here in VA but no snow to speak of. Say hi to Tom for us.


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